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What is an affirmative service?

An affirmative service recognises that people are complex and multifaceted, and are always the experts in their own experiences. Rather than try and change or “fix” something about a person, an affirmative service puts them in the drivers seat by supporting their decisions, respecting the language they use, not making assumptions about bodies, identities, or aspirations and valuing the differences of experiences between each community member.

InterLink is for and by people with an intersex variation. We pride ourselves on being an intersex affirmative psychosocial support program. This means we work using inclusive, rights-based frameworks and trauma informed processes to meet people where they are at on their intersex health and wellbeing journey.


InterLink sessions are collaborative, empowering individuals to be in control of their bodies and relationships. Where possible, InterLink will always refer those people we work with to other groups, practitioners or services who share our values.

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