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Work with InterLink

We are always looking for people interested in becoming group facilitators as either Mental Health Workers or Intersex Peer Workers.

InterLink brings together trained mental health professionals and intersex peer workers to work collaboratively in the delivery of brief, group-based therapeutic interventions across different cohorts of the intersex community. InterLink Intersex Peer Support Workers and Mental Health Workers co-design session content that is guided by the InterLink brief intervention plan and uses their expertise in therapeutic group work to apply trauma informed and evidence-base practices.

InterLink acts as a “warm-referral” middle ground whereby intersex people and families can be connected to other people with similar lived experiences whilst also receiving therapeutic support, psychoeducation and being referred as needed with ongoing peer support and mental health services.

All new workers undergo a preliminary community-led intersex training program and pilot induction. Roles at InterLink are generally contract positions held with the organisations that host the InterLink program in a particular region.

To express your interest in working with InterLink, please complete an online expression of interest for by clicking either of the following links:

Mental Health Worker EOI

Intersex Peer Worker EOI


If you would like more information on working with InterLink email us at or use the chat.

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